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"Señor “The Buff”
"Señor “The Buff”
Airbrushed Custom Action Figure
6.5" tall

Señor “The Buff” is your typical Mexican; he speaks Spanish, has a huge family and loves his cerveza Modelo. Señor “The Buffs” strength comes from working 10 odd jobs a day and it was during one of these jobs that he lost his right hand. Due to his increased strength from working excessive landscaping and roofing jobs, Señor “The Buff” has the strength of 20 gringos, and he accidentally chopped his hand clean off during a stint at a meat packing plant in Texas. He of course had no health insurance, like many Americans; and fashioned a new and improved hand from the metal blade that took his own. Now with his impressive work history and the possible option to become an American citizen with the new immigration bill “Pathway to Citizenship,” life doesn’t seem too bad, plus he has a wicked sun tan. Señor “The Buff” is the “Real American Hero!!!”