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Dr. Evil, Scare Glow, Chris Cannon, Christopher Cannon, MOTU, Austin Powers
"Dr. Evil Glow"
Plastic Action Figure, Resin & Enamel Paint
6" tall

Dr. Evil Glow was once a mild mannered man before his little accident. One late night while working in his laboratory figuring out the laws of time travel he suddenly found himself parched and proceeded to his mini fridge for a drink. Now this is where you might think he accidentally drank a vile of toxic chemicals or radioactive materials by accident and turned into a menacing hulk, you would be wrong. Doc was a huge fan of Hi-C brand juice boxes, especially the “Ecto Cooler” flavor. Well, to make long story short, the Doctor had a secret stash of this toxic sugar fluid fermenting in his lab since 1987. Unaware that this single juice box had recently turned rotten he drank it all in one swig and thus “Dr. Evil Glow” was born. The acidic syrup instantly turned his skin green and soured his soul. Now he plots and schemes to take over the beverage and bottling industry in the hopes of turning the whole world green.