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"Davros 9000"
"Davros 9000"
Plastic Action Figure, Acrylic Paint
7" tall

"Davros 9000" is the only one of his kind; after a canister of multiphasic bacteria was injected into his land by a government run bio-fracturing corporation, this toxic mixture seeped into his water supply and permanently deformed his face and dissolved his legs and manly bits. "Davros 9000" soon built himself a mechanical leg set and has accepted his disfigurement while vowing to destroy all hydraulic fracturing company headquarters to help save the planets natural aqua firs.

***Please join in his battle and vote against hydraulic fracturing in your state.

This figure is a unique one of a kind and was made with love.

Snag this figure before it’s gone!

NOTE: all figures come bagged with a header card.