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Pulsar Pony: The Ultimate Adventure Bronie
Pulsar Pony: The Ultimate Adventure Bronie
Airbrushed & Flocked Custom Action Figure
5" tall

“Pulsar Pony” is a middle aged handsome futuristic adventurer; he travels the galaxy fighting aliens and exploring spatial phenomena. Pulsar Pony’s original incarnation was that of a humanoid and only through a teleport malfunction onboard his galactic cruiser did his transmogrification occur. It was while trading live stock for science equipment that he was transformed into the magnificent creature you see today, a sudden explosion of a very unstable and gaseous volatile organic chemical (VOC) known as “Benzeoisoprene” was dropped during the moment the transmat device generated its initial zap of power. Pulsar Pony instantly felt his molecules ripping apart and witnessed his limbs and internal organs scrambling into a mess that no longer resembled his human form. The explosion rendered him catatonic while a rapid sub-nuclear reconstruction of his anatomy was modeled after the physique of the stallion he was transporting. After a mild disorientation and subtle damage to his visual and audible senses Pulsar Pony was born. With his new found strength and galloping speed Pulsar Pony continues to roam the galaxy like a galactic pasture looking for other eccentric beings to call his friends.