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“Bad Ass Bart”
“Bad Ass Bart”
Airbrushed Custom Action Figure
8" tall

Bartholomew the Unbeaten or “Bad Ass Bart” as he is known by his friends was one of the 12 Apostles of Jesu during the great restructuring of Idisican Minor, the 4th moon of Earth 2. Bartholomew was tasked with spreading the word of Jesu and converting the local religion of the surrounding planets to those of Jesu and his Apostles. Jesus’ 12 Apostles were considered to be the fiercest warriors of Christinsanity; the planetary religion was considered to be the most effective means of population control and obedience. Since Bartholomew was the strongest of all the Apostles, Jesu said unto him, “travel to all the planets in our solar system and spread the word of conformity and make them believe that there is no way of preventing us from invading their planets and we will make them believe in Christinsanity if it kills us all;” and so it was done. Bartholomew invaded the planets and killed millions of heretics and freethinkers, thus his nickname was given, and “Bad Ass Bart” was born out of the blood and sacrificial slaughter.

This is a unique figure that was airbrushed, hand painted and made with lots of love.