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"Snarr Profelis"
"Snarr Profelis"
Airbrushed Custom Action Figure
5.5” tall

"Snarr Profelis" is a descendant of the ancient tribe of battle cats known as the Cataramons.

Snarr has the ability to hunt and kill his prey without effort; his heightened instincts have been honed over a life time of war. His home planet Catara has constantly been under attack from neighboring sects in his galaxy. As one of the last of his bloodline Snarr has devoted his life to defending and preserving his race against the evil poachers who wish to make clothes from his hide.

He is the most ferocious mountain dwelling lord in existence and he will exterminate any and all foe that try to invade his territory, so watch out!

This is a unique figure that was slightly sculpted, hand painted and made with lots of love.