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"Svolten Sith Wampa"
"Svolten Sith Wampa"
Airbrushed Custom Action Figure
6" tall

Here is my homage to the Lily Ledy Wampa.

Though less famous than Kenner’s Blue Snaggletooth, Lili Ledy's black Wampa (‘Wampa Oscuro’) is also the result of some serious miscommunication between Lucas Film Ltd and a toy company prior to developing a new toy figure. Early 1980 before the release of the Empire Strikes Back, Lili Ledy had already obtained a few Wampa moldings from Kenner. To be sure to paint the Wampa in the right colour scheme, Lili Ledy requested Lucas Film to send some pictures. Lucas Film responded by sending a few photo negatives of the Wampa scene to the Lili Ledy factory. A trainee at Lili Ledy's production department opened the mail and communicated the paint colours to his line manager not realizing he was looking at an inverse picture.