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 "Snow Striker"
"Snow Striker"
Mixed Media, Paint, Plastic Toy
11" x 11" x 4"

I've been feeling very patriotic after our recent presidential election in these trying times of public hate and COVID deniers, so I did a little mash up of my 2 favorite toy lines; Star Wars & G.I. Joe. I turned this old, discarded (found in a trash can after a toy convention), incomplete, sun faded (yellowish), snow speeder into a fully operational flying machine. Utilizing the 1980’s Kenner toy and referencing images of both the 1983, G.I. Joe. Combat Jet “Skystriker” (XP-14F) as well various US Naval and Airforce jet planes for paint applications. I constructed a hybrid of pure Americana right out of the 1980’s. Enjoy!