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"Monster Mom #1"
"Monster Mom #1"
Plastic Action Figure & Paint
4.5" Tall

"Monster Mom #1" is the first figure in a new series of 4 super scary ghoulishly transformed mother figures. This is also my first commission for a very kind and loving mother who served as the inspiration for the series.

"Monster Mom #1,” is not your typical mom, she’s smart, a great cook but quite deranged...and it all started during an adventure getaway last summer on a remote Island off the coast of Africa.
Lauren was walking along a very old and weathered trail when she stumbled upon a very interesting and magical looking creature; whose appearance resembled that of a monitor lizard with a majestic multicolored scale pattern on its back. As the hypnotizing patterns momentarily paralyzed Lauren she was bitten by this wondrous creature in an act of self-defense and it quickly retreated into the dense tropical jungle. Lauren was shocked and startled but not severely injured, she had a small set of puncture wounds in her left arm, nothing a bit of gauze and bandages wouldn’t fix. What happen next was very surprising to Lauren and her entire family.

The metamorphosis was gradual and lasted several weeks but she eventually turned into the monster you see today. First the pigmentation and scaly skin surfaced, then the talons grew in, next her body began to alter itself and finally the restructuring of her physiology. Today she works as a greater at Wal-Mart.

This is a unique one of a kind figure and was made with love and glue.