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"Monster Mom #2"
"Monster Mom #2"
Airbrushed Custom Action Figure

"Monster Mom #2" is the second figure in an ongoing series of 4 super scary ghoulishly transformed mother figures.

Monster Mom #2 wasn’t always so scary looking; she was once a lovely movie star who happened to get mixed up with some pretty disreputable plastic surgeons that were operating an underground surgical racket in East Los Angeles. Heather Johnson was an aspiring actress who moved from Montana to become the next silver screen sensation; however Heather didn’t realize how hard she would have to work and how little she would get paid in the first few years. Needless to say, Miss Johnson soon had an alias for her private internet chat group, Lacey Lady 69, where she would perform lewd acts for money. Well after a few years of acting in small rolls in commercials and reality television shows, Heather made a choice to get some plastic surgery to improve her form, but what she could never have guessed was what would happen next. Having never made enough money, she wiped out her savings and took all the money she had to Dr. Tukolomas Surgical Enhancement Clinic. After her consultation with the Doctor, he reassured her that everything would be just fine and that she could make installments on her surgical implants. When Heather awoke she couldn’t believe her eyes, she was transformed into a lizard lady and now has the leading roll in the newest Godzilla movie, “Revenge of Gojira’s Sister.” Dreams do come true.

This is a unique one of a kind figure and was made with love and glue.