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Airbrushed Custom Action Figure
5.5” tall

“Distorticon” is the leader of a renegade faction of Transformers known as the “Resisticons” who left Cybertron during the Energon Wars in search of alternative energy resources. Distorticon was once part of a secret Decepticon military strike force, a sub-sect of the Cybertron Guard run by Shockwave but now his team holds no alliance to either Autobot or Decepticon. Like these factions, Distorticon resides on Earth by default; it being the only planet that supports life and has enough natural resources to supply his crew with energy. He has taken a more human form but remains mechanized and can transform into any object he scans, allowing him the perfect camouflage to blend into any scenery. He and the Resisticons still struggle to survive and work as hired mercenaries to the highest bidder; extracting and eliminating political dictators in exchange for energy reserves along with mechanical and technological equipment.

This is a unique figure that was airbrushed, hand painted and made with lots of love.